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BCS believes that communication between the client, team members and regulatory agencies is vital to the success of every project.

Joe H. Young III (Principal / Estuarine Field Biologist)

Gopher Tortoise RelocationJoe is President and founder of Biological Consulting Services with over 29 years of experience Joe began his career working for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (then known as the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation) conducting wetlands jurisdictional determinations and dredge and fill permitting.  From there, Joe was hired by a private environmental consulting firm where he was responsible for environmental assessments, development of regional impacts assessments, jurisdictional wetland delineations, environmental permitting assistance, aerial photography interpretation services, vegetation mapping, protected species surveys and relocations, legal testimony, wetlands mitigation design and monitoring.

Joe obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Sciences from the University of West Florida in 1984 (major science – marine biology and Greenhouse Horticulture from Pensacola Junior College in 1978.

Seagrass Survey DepthsHe is a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agent permitted to conduct gopher tortoise surveys and to capture gopher tortoises using bucket traps, hand shovel excavation of burrows, supervise backhoe excavation of burrows and to mark, transport and release gopher tortoises at recipient sites.

Joe is a member of the National Association of Environmental Professionals, the Florida Association of Environmental Professionals, the Association of State Wetlands Managers, the Volusia County Association for Responsible Development, and the Society of Wetland Scientists.

About Biological Consulting Services

Seagrass Survey DepthsSince its establishment in July 1990, Biological Consulting Services has been providing environmental consulting to its clients in Volusia and surrounding counties. Biological Consulting Services has provided its expertise for a wide variety of projects such as: parks, wellfield permitting and compliance, residential subdivisions, airports, new schools and related facilities development, road projects/highways, marinas, mitigation banks, commercial developments, religious facilities, municipal facilities development, and single-family homesites. With such a varied experience, Biological Consulting Services is able to provide sound solutions regarding environmental issues and anticipate problems before they arise.

Biological Consulting Services assists clients through the environmental permitting process through wetlands and protected species identification, preparation of appropriate applications, environmental report preparation, coordinating with team members and agency representatives for mutually agreeable permitting approaches, and assistance with compliance after permit issuance.

Since its inception, Biological Consulting Services has strived to provide environmental consulting services to its clients with integrity and a quality of work that comes from a commitment to providing the most up to date information based upon the changing rules and policies of the regulating agencies.

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